You probably couldn't tell Gettem Train was finishing the last year of a 12 year prison sentence. Gettem, born in Pasadena CA, Aug 11, 1987, traveled back and forth between Pasadena and Hemet CA from age 11, until his incarceration in 2007. He dibbled and dabbled with music amongst friends, but decided to take his music seriously in 2017 while finishing his lengthy prison bid. Gettem began recording from a cellular device while incarcerated. He was introduced to a producer/engineer by the name, Trak D, through Duse M's of Aktivechuckss. Trak D engineered and produced Gettem's first project ($teel Livin') and the rest is now history. Gettem said, " I just speak my reality! I guess Yu can call it REALITY RAP. I'm an ODD DEFYER! I had to accomplish what they called impossible. I like to do what they say can't be done"

Gettem released his first project, $teel Livin', July 10, 2018, and has since released (5) singles which are on his upcoming projects; "Live from the IV", dropping Feb. 22, 2019, and " Memoirs of a Konvikt" dropping soon after. Gettem has also played at a few festivals and concerts, amongst getting lots of radio play via TrapLA radio. All while being incarcerated on a General Population (GP) level 4 maximum security prison yard. He has new music and music videos to be released soon on YouTube, along with all other digital platforms. Reality at it's finest, tune in.







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